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Are you seeking to do business in Germany, the biggest and strongest economy in Europe? Do you need a market analysis or support in the regional communication of your business activities?
Business analysis, business development and corporate communication are our competencies. SchuellerConsulting focuses on your individual needs. We try to carefully understand your business before we work out a strategy for your case. We evaluate the market for you, we extract the relevant information and do the analysis you need in order to assess your chances and business possibilities realistically. We also search for the right partners and communicate your achievements and messages to the media and your stakeholders in order to bring your company forward.

SchuellerConsulting combines sound business experience with the capability to focus on your singular case. Our approach is to give companies and individuals a tailor-made service. As a trustful, reliable partner and facilitator for your activities in Germany it is our aim to accompany you seriously and competently in order to create real value for you.



Business success depends on the right information at the right time. And on the adequate partners. This is where we support you:
-Market and competition analysis
-Business partner evaluation
-Support in financial solutions

You want to establish a business in Germany, but you need a local partner to screen the market, to evaluate your possibilities and to overcome the regulatory barriers? We accompany you and help to make your start in Germany as smooth as possible.


and Editorial Content

You want to raise the awareness of your company in public and communicate your achievements via the German and European media? You need a stakeholder-focused communication instead of a broad call into the public? You are looking for support in marketing of your products and in E-business platforms?

We are proven experts in these areas. We will work out sound, tailor made and sustainable solutions for your communication needs and implement them. We will also measure the success of these activities in order to make their effect visible.


About Us

Thorsten Schueller, founder and managing director of SchuellerConsulting, has a broad business background. For about 20 years he worked as a business journalist for German newspapers, covering topics about financial markets, healthcare, investment strategies, competitors analysis and market surveys. By holding interviews with top representatives of the biggest German companies he experienced strong intercourse with high ranked management. He also has been editor in chief of the online department of one of the most important financial websites in Germany.

For more than five years Thorsten Schueller held the management position of a public relations manager for a Japanese pharmaceutical company in Germany and Europe. In this role he was responsible for all external and internal communications within Europe.

Thorsten is an enthusiastic mountaineer with many successful summit climbs in the Alps, Caucasus, Pamir, Andes and Himalaya. In 2009 he reached the top of Cho Oyu (8201m) without supplemental oxygen.

Thorsten Schueller has broad knowledge in investigating and analysing complex information. He possesses extensive international experience and is used to work in intercultural environments. His red of contacts to important German stakeholders in business and politics is a strong foothold of the consultancy.

  • Communications professional with high-impact
  • 20+ year career in business journalism, financial markets and corporate communications
  • Expert in conceptualizing and orchestrating communication campaigns that effectively build and reinforce brand image
  • Respected leader of editorial and corporate communications departments
  • Media relations, internal communications and corporate branding strategies
  • Key driver of international projects with track record of successfully creating value for stakeholders
  • Culturally savvy and well-rounded individual with excellent leadership skills and experience working with diverse teams
  • We don´t have ready-made answers. As every customer request is different we focus on your individual needs and analyse the situation of your business. Based on this information we work out a solution which matches with your case and has a real benefit for you and your company.

    In order to find the best results for our clients we rely on a network of specialists. Dependent on the kind and size of your project SchuellerConsulting falls back on the knowledge of these experts, all of them very experienced in their business area. At the end it´s our aim to give you the best service possible.


    Business News

    The German economy expanded by 1.7 percent in 2015, a rate of growth not experienced since 2011, the Federal Statistics Office said recently. Consumer spending was the big driver behind the boost, rising by 1.9 percent on the year, statisticians and analysts said. Not only were more people able to find or keep jobs, prices did not go up as quickly as they normally do.
    This combination emboldened consumers to open their wallets and thus, stimulate business. „Consumption was the most important growth factor in 2015 for the German economy,“ said Dieter Sarreither, the president of the statistics office. (Sorce: Deutsche Welle)

    Car sales in Germany have increased consideraly in recent weeks, a national automobile industry association has confirmed. The rise in domestic demand has coincided with a surge in exports to many areas of the world.
    Demand for cars in Germany rose markedly in March, the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) reported.
    It said some 323,000 new registrations were recorded in the country for the month under review, a nine-percent surge over March figured from a year earlier, and the steepest monthly rise since August 2011.
    VDA added that some 758,000 cars were sold in Germany in the first three months of the year, marking a six-percent rise compared with the first quarter of last year. (Source: Deutsche Welle)

    Managers‘ confidence in the German economy has risen as exporters take advantage of favorable conditions. It was yet another positive sign for the strength of Europe’s largest economy. A weak euro and low interest rates buoyed business confidence in Germany for the fourth straight month in February, a closely watched indicator showed recently. The Munich-based Ifo institute said a survey of 7,000 businesses across several sectors had recorded an uptick in its business climate index to a seven-month high of 106.8 points from 106.7 a month earlier. (Source: Deutsche Welle)

    German jobless claims in December 2014 dropped to their lowest level since reunification as unemployment fell for a third consecutive month. The numbers exceeded analysts‘ expectations as the eurozone keeps struggling. Unemployment in Germany fell by 27,000 from November to December, according to new figures released by the Federal Labor Agency (BA) on 7th of January 2015. The December drop shattered the previous record for that month from 1991. (Source: Deutsche Welle)

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